Social Connect App accomplish two things for bloggers: they provide valuable social proof, and they can stimulate a great place to reader involvement and more mileage out of your article. With some of the reaction systems available today, readers can integrate social media platforms, and even use vanmentions to participate more participants to the call. For you, the blog owner, this means more people will probably read your work.

At the same time, commenting monitoring can work a lot.

There is always the possibility of spammers will get through, even if you have a good filter. Comment trolls or even real users will respond intentionally offensive or controversial just to get a reaction. You can choose to use a simple interface for the comments on your blog, but are concerned about these spammers and trolls. Social Connect Is A Great Solution !

What response system should you use on your WordPress blog to go with this? Let’s look at eight of the most popular response options out there, and see which is best for you.

Without comment section you have much less chance of developing an active community around your content. Even if you do, the fact is that it is removed (place on Facebook, Twitter, or elsewhere) alienate some dreamers. The discussion takes place elsewhere, often people will refer to where the action is - even if that means embedding a few tweets about your piece, instead of linking to it directly. - What commenting system you choose Social Connect, there are bound to pros and cons, and that’s good. Not every type of reaction system works for any blog or community; that’s why we have so many different options.